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Lucky DAYS

if you want to be a winner all the time in gambling find your lucky days in that days you cannot loose and whatever you do you always will be a winner complete monthly report For 40US$.the exact timings and dates of most lucky days and also the bad days in which you cannot win.will be told to you,

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These days more and more people are turning to their stars for guidance on life, money, work, relationships and even gambling. Below we have compiled a comprehensive list of star signs and what to watch out for when using them towards luck in gambling. After you have read about your star sign we recommend you try this online casino site and put your luck to the test.

The Aries Gambler
Like a predator the Aries gambler trusts his instincts, he smells a game ready to be played, and a win waiting to happen, and he tempts fortune knowing lady luck loves his sense of adventure. If he follows that first hunch, he wins and then he knows to leave the game when his psyche tells him the roll of the dice is changing. When the Aries stays in to impress others, or goes for just one more win, and he feels like nothing can stop him- you can guarantee the ball will roll in the opposite direction!

Aries is a natural gambler, as he likes the challenge of the game, and beating the odds, which is typical of his approach to everything in life. Plus he likes to win. His luck and skill tends to draw an audience as he takes on his opponent... the "casino".

The game is usually blackjack, and poker, but he will try almost any competition that he considers a challenge.

Of course, the man surrounded by beautiful women, is non-other than the Aries male. Flirtation is second skin to an Aries; more challenging than the actual catch, again it is the game of life and winning that intrigues him. A woman building his ego improves his game, unless he is the Aries that drinks too much, and then he doesn't pay attention to his instincts, or the female because he got lost in the fog.

A female Aries either enjoys gambling, or thinks it is a waste of time. If into it, she loves to beat the odds, and amazingly doesn't get upset when she loses... takes it rather well. This is an independent female that has no problem getting into a man's game, and usually plays with a lot of skill and sportsmanship. Moves well through the casino on her own yet loves the attention that men give her.

Tuesday tends to be a lucky day for the Aries, though I sometimes wonder, as they seem to be born under a lucky star that works overtime.

Good gaming cycles follow in the March 21-April 19 time frames as it is in the Aries birthday cycle in astrology. From July 23 to August 22, and November 22 to December 21 the planets are placed in a fortunate spot for the Aries.

We all have our individual lucky numbers but a universal number that tends to work for an Aries is 3. I always tell an Aries to play what their instincts say, and that is what works for them.

Generally speaking, in 1999 the Aries is in a year in which the wheel of fortune is smiling on them, but 2000 is better. Buy lottery tickets, and remember when you win remember me.

You are a natural gambler.

Gambling By Your Sign
What are your gaming habits? When should you play? A fun look at gaming through sun sign

The Taurus Gambler
The Taurus would like to own the casino, or at least run the bank. His money playground is usually stocks, land, housing and banks.

Remember this is the bull in the china shop, and when it comes to giving up territory (money) there is a lot of huffing and puffing going on as he tries to relax at a gaming table. If a Taurus discovers gaming he is a modest gambler financially, I mean, he sets a limit and nothing will make him play more, and when he wins modestly that's enough he doesn't tempt fate to change the odds. He quits while he's ahead. But there are a few Taurus people that are high rollers, not many, but there are a few and they play as if that is the only thing happening on the planet.

Hotel/casino life appeals to a Taurus as he watches money come, and go (as long as the going is not his). Luxury, and comfort, and people with money keep a Taurus coming back. The staff better be on their toes and remember his name, and what table he wants, suggesting wonderful gourmet dishes in the dining room. He tips well, and is a guest who keeps coming back if you just pay a little attention to him.

He "loves" compliments.

Good food, and Renoir ladies appeal to the Taurus man; yes even in this day of "thin is in". He is a man who likes a sensual woman on his arm, great wine, sensational scotch in an atmosphere that appeals to his senses. In gaming he plays intently, he doesn't plan to lose his funds, not on your life! He is like the bull waiting for the right moment to throw the dice in the air, and drop it to the ground with speed. The Taurus always walks away a winner. What better time is there to enjoy a good scotch, as he savors the flavor sip by sip.


A female Taurus plays to win with great intensity, and is not a good loser. You recognize her at a table, or at the slots as she ohs and ahs, and moans, and groans through the game. At the dinner table though her sounds are much more sensuous as she purrs with each tender morsel, and hums softly with every sip of wine, just imagine this woman late evening.

The problem with both sexes is that as they gamble, they think of what else their money can buy. Her idea of taking a chance is buying diamonds, pearls, maybe a house. His idea is a new car, another business deal, maybe a house, probably an estate.

The Taurus enjoys blackjack, betting on football games, and boxing matches. With the female you can add slot machines to her list. Both would purchase lottery tickets.

Best gaming day is a Friday, but with a Taurus if you get them to go to a casino, any day should be considered lucky. Watch they don't sneak off to the spa, a show, or the cocktail lounge... especially the boutiques.

Timing includes April 30 to May 20th because it is near the Taurus birthday, then August 23 to September 22 and December 22 to  january 9.

A good number for a Taurus is six, and the number two. All the signs tend to have numbers they prefer, and the practical Taurus tends to play the odds with favorites relating to special people, or great times in their life. Quite often they bet on the underdog because they feel sorry for him.

The Taurus, in 1999, is in a time when there can be sudden wins. October and November is okay, but the year 2000 in April, and May is great. The Taurus must pay attention to his instincts, and back off the game if he starts to lose. Those last two months mentioned can be great for a win if a Taurus pays attention to his instincts. Without an individuals chart, its hard to say which way it will go. Without an astrologer a Taurus must rely on his gut reaction during the last 2 months mentioned while the remainder year is a great year all-round for a Taurus with lots of change.

Sometimes food is more interesting than gaming

Gambling By Your Sign
What are your gaming habits? When should you play? A fun look at gaming through sun sign

The Gemini Gambler
See the one having all the fun, talking to everyone, looking around the room, and his hands never stop moving that's a Gemini gambling. Well that's not quite true! Gemini's are like that no matter what they are doing. This is the gamer that knows how to bluff, and seems to be like a magician…now you see it, now you don't. If you don't take them seriously when playing with them, you lose, but you'll have fun doing it.

From the one-armed bandits to the roulette wheel this gamer enjoys people, doesn't miss anything going on, he jokes with the pit crew, and chats up the people around him. Definitely a flirt who can't sit still, moves from game to game, and covers the whole room before the night is over. This one is like a kid in a toy store, the games are here to try, and the casino is his playground. The Gemini does get bored easily yet he might stay longer if you have gaming machines at the bar, talkative staff, and good snack food. He prefers light meals rather than a great big dinner staring him in the face.

Whether it is a male or female Gemini, the attention span is short.

Both are dreamers, and flirts who like novelty, shows, cafes, and coffee shops. Can often be found where the kids hang out.

Betting on the races, whether dog, or horse race appeals to this gamer. Keno is another choice for this player.

Time for gaming is great from May 21 to June 21 as it near the Gemini's birthday. Then September 23 to October 22, and January 20th to February 8th gives the Gemini two other cycles to enjoy. Wednesdays tend to be a good betting day, and the number 4, and 3 tend to play to your sign.

In 1999, the Gemini interested in gaming will find the last week of November and the month of December has the faster moving planets playing to his sign. Gaming should be fun with some good wins. Certainly buy lotto tickets during this period. The year 2000, May until June 16th then November and December work best for you so enjoy a casino vacation?

Have you tried the kids' games as well?


The Cancer Gambler
Gaming loves the Cancer, and the Cancer loves gaming. A player with great instincts, good timing, and luck that follows him to the game. A Cancer is great with numbers, and picks the winners in tennis football, baseball and hockey games. If he is interested, even the boxing match is an easy pick. This sign loves going to the track whether it's the trots, or an afternoon with the thoroughbreds. Cancer people tend to pick the winners, and this drives the rest of the astrological signs crazy.

If a casino has a friendly staff, nice perks, and makes the Cancer feel welcome, he keeps coming back. A Cancer likes a relaxed, fun atmosphere, enjoys people when he is in a good mood, and mopes around getting everyone else uptight when his mood is down.

Instincts, and moods are part and parcel of this moon-ruled Cancer person, when he is up his gaming instinct is the best, when down… forget it.

The male Cancer loves an audience and preferably someone close to the heart. He runs on his moods more than the female, which can work for him in gaming and in business, but is tough on him where his health is concerned. Everything goes to the stomach when he is upset so this is a sign that should only gamble when he knows he is in good form.

Cancer females tune in, and out, real easy. If she feels like playing then her game is good, but if her moods are upset about anything…forget it.

A Cancer will use a bookie if he enjoys gaming. Today he probably places a bet on the Internet!

Mondays are considered the lucky day for a Cancer, and the number two, and the number four the lucky numbers. From June 22 to July 22 the lucky timing as it is in his birthday cycle, followed by October 23 to November 21, and February 19 to March 20.

In 1999 Cancers must pay attention to decisions relating to business, as this will affect his "play" money. He must give a lot of thought to contracts, and deals that are usually easy for him especially if others have a lot to say about his business activity. Pay attention to business. Gaming can be enjoyable and better in 2000.

Cancer players have the knack of picking winners, and knowing the moment to play.

The Leo Gambler
If it is fabulous, lavish and grand, maybe gaudy: if there is action, bright lights, music, and if it feels like a party then the Leo is happy at the casino.

A Leo likes good food, fun wine, vodka and being the center of attention. He is an avid, impulsive gambler, fun loving and reckless in his movements. Drama is part of the Leo life, and he plays with high stakes involved in his life, as well as his game. Actually to him life can be a game that places him in difficult situations. He has to watch as he can lose his shirt when his ego gets in the way.

There is no happy medium for a Leo gambler. He wins, he loses- no in between here. He is either the center of attention, or he is upset and angry. When upset the dealer ruined his game, or the deck was stacked, but it is never the Leo's fault. When he wins then everyone finds himself or herself caught up in his generosity.

Basketball games appeal to this gambler, along with boxing matches and the races. In a casino any table game appeals, if there is a crowd.

Give him a palace to stay in; a staff to command, and beautiful people to play to his ego then you will find the Leo keeps coming back for more.

King Leo thrives on attention, is fun, has luck on his side, and women who enjoy his company on his terms. He can be stubborn, and only concerned about himself, which makes him demanding, and hard to deal with.

Queen Leo is like the Queen of Hearts enjoying her game as long as everyone plays by her rules. She enjoys being the center of attention, and usually finds a number of admirers who watch her having fun gambling. Yes there are some less ego-oriented Leos that are easy to be around, but we are talking about the true Leo personality at this time.

Leo's love gaming, being with friends, having dinner and seeing a show while he stays at a hotel/casino to have fun. Acting is right up his alley so he will be good at the games.

One is a number that works well for him along with the number five, and his lucky day is Sunday according to old astrological rules. Timing from July 23 to August 22 calls for the planetary setups around his birthday to allow fate to work for him. Then from March 21 till April 18, and from November 22 till December 21 works in his favor.

Despite the fact that Jupiter is in Aries for the most part of 1999 Leo's find they are in a win, win cycle... most of the time. Gaming between now and the end of December call for good judgment, and even better instincts, or he will lose his playing hand before he knows it. The year 2000 gives the month of August, and September as the best time frame.

Watch your wallet, you love to gamble!

The Virgo Gambler
The system player has to be a Virgo, and he feels success will be his once he has prepared, and worked out his method to play blackjack or poker. Games that use numbers appeals to the Virgo, as he will display a cunning that shows there is a "method to his madness" as he applies his system that no one has ever tried before... as far as he knows. If anyone can beat the house through paperwork it is the Virgo.

Virgo's cannot take the game lightly, this is the serious gambler with a built in sense of timing, and with enough data stored in his memory banks that you'd swear he is a computer.

Fun for him is beating the odds, not the money, but that's a nice bonus in his eyes. Virgos are in to win, and when they lose they go back to the drawing board to dream up another way to amaze the crowd, and hopefully surprise the casino.

Some Virgos have a tough time getting into gaming, but once they see others winning, they just have to give it a try. There better at the racetrack, having worked the odds on the horse is invariably a Virgo. Standing in line to buy lottery tickets is a Virgo pastime. Plus they only play the machines at casinos that give wins in big bucks... Why fool around with small change!

Give the Virgo clean, comfortable surrounding whether he is the neat-nick Verna, or sock-drop Harry. Service with a smile, and good food, preferably organic is what the health conscious Virgo likes. There are some redneck Virgos who'd rather have a big prime rib dinner, lots of potatoes, and apple pie, but just a few… they stay gambling with no system as they like doing the guy thing, and flirting with pretty women.

The pretty woman who the men are trying to chat up is usually the female Virgo trying her hand at gaming. Unless someone with her is urging her to gamble with his money, well even then, she has a hard time playing beyond what she thinks is her limit... win or lose. But she does attract a crowd of admirers.

Days considered the best for a Virgo to gamble is Wednesday, and Friday. Plus the number 4 and it's multiples are supposed to be the best numbers. That's not a hard and fast rule as individual charts need to be looked into just to see are you in a winning time frame, and what your chart indicates your personal numbers should be.

Timing considered best is between August 23rd and September 22nd.Next would be December 22 till January 19, and April 20 to May 20.

The Virgo is computer oriented, probably plays all gambling games, just to practice.


The Libra Gambler
Libras can take or leave gaming. He is more apt to be at the tables, or in the lounge… to see and be seen. The Libra enjoys floating amongst pretty people, and likes mirrors around the room so he can check out the crowd, or his own image at any given moment.

Gaming depends on his mood, his instinct, the people he is with and the income bracket he moves in. When he comes to the casino with friends, and he usually does, they are always fun as they move from one gaming table to another.

Give the Libra an elegant décor surrounded by exclusive shops, fine restaurants, and light entertainment then he will love being in the casino.

Basically the refined, elegant Libra wins when he trusts his instincts instead of hesitating, and hesitating. He is much better off jumping in when he knows the timing is right, and then walk away when he is waffling.

The male Libra is the good-looking man who is dressed in the best, as though he just stepped off the pages of a fashion magazine. The women want to be around him even if he is prettier then them.

The female Libra is almost always in the company of friends, or with a special man in her life. With champagne in one hand, and a sparkling smile anyone one would let her win the game, just to keep her at their table.

Friday is considered a good day for a Libra to gamble, and the number 6 is a number that blends well with their sign. Timing that is good for them is from September 23rd to October 23rd, then January 20th to February18th and May 21st to June21st.That is just a standard timing given for the Libra which can work, but obviously having an astrologer giving you dates by your chart is better.

Libra gamblers must trust instincts, and just enjoy themselves.


The Scorpio Gambler
An intense, aware individual who chooses a game that allows him to get emotionally involved. How he plays depends totally on his mood. He can be a high roller who is moody, and one who is not a good loser. When upset he tends to throw a wad of bills down taking a chance with just one play…and usually loses!

That changes, if he is in a good mood! He can stay in the game for hour's intent, alone, and winning especially when he is sure of himself, and feels victory is his. "Chemin de Fer", or poker is his game as he is able to keep his feelings to himself when he senses the other players chips are down and they are about to hand over their money.

The male Scorpio is much more intense than the female, his eyes seem to go right through you. You think he sees right through the back of the cards when you watch him win so easily…he can… his senses are terrific when he is winning, and he may be reading your mind as well as the cards.

The female Scorpio is the one with the round, intriguing, intense eyes that captivates you as she glances around the table. Don't be lulled into missing a point in your game, as her mind is on "winning", not you, at least not for the moment.

The Scorpio likes the finer things in life, but there are some with real redneck attitudes that prefer beer halls, and brawls. No matter, cause they are all sensitive, moody and stubborn… even the females. They are usually shouting at the slot machines, and checking out the action…and I don't mean gambling!

Tuesday is considered a lucky day, and his number is three. Timing considered best between October 24th and November 21, then February 19th to March 20th, and June 22nd to July 22nd.

When it comes to gaming no matter what timing is listed if your psyche says go for it, do it!

The Sagittarius Gambler
Whether he wins, or has a loss at the turn of the card the Sagittarian gambler plays quickly not always listening to his inner feelings. The Sagittarian is not a conservative player, usually displays a roll of bills and plays them. He has to watch becoming a compulsive gambler as he really enjoys the game. He can play for 10 minutes, or stay to the wee small hours of the morning.

The male Sagittarius enjoys talking to people always notices a pretty woman, and loves to flirt. This man is a guy's guy who acts independent, likes to go his own way, figures his odds, and does what he wants. Plays the same way. If there is a woman in his life he plays hard to get until he thinks she is leaving. Then you can't get rid of him.

Female Sagittarians have fun gaming. To them gaming is the same as flirting as they understand everything's timing, what you sense, and how you play the game. Remember this is another independent person, who isn't. The Sagittarian women may sound like Garbo but is more like Bette Midler who enjoys someone in her life.

Sagittarians are fun, or all business, but never missing too much.

Thursday is considered a lucky day to gamble plus using the number five. The best months for gaming is between November 22 and December 21, then March 21 and April 19th, plus July 23rd and August 22nd.

Sagittarius players tend to gamble on the spur of the moment, and pay little heed to timing. So go for it!

The Capricorn Gambler
Comfort, efficiency, and great service creates an atmosphere that allows the Capricorn player to enjoy the game, preferably the casino is in a warm climate. Surround him with a winning atmosphere that speaks of solidness, comfort and wealth and he sticks around longer than even he thought he would.

To be truthful the Capricorn would rather own the establishment than play in it, actually a number of them probably do, or at least they work high up in the management of the place, just like the Taurus.

When he does play you can guarantee that he plays well, and is out to win, as he hates to lose his hard earned cash. Though I'm sure he has his limit, a few Capricorns will really get into gaming and become good at it and would be considered high rollers.

The male Capricorn appears all business yet he admires a beautiful woman, enjoys himself in a lounge relaxing, and is right at home in the finer restaurants where he expects the best service, good wines, an a great chef to tantalize his senses. This is a player with good common sense, and if he would use his intuitive ability he would come up a winner all the time.

Female Capricorns like money and they want to win, and usually do. She is like the male Capricorn when it comes to using common sense and sensitiveness when gaming, but would rather put the money to good use buying baubles, bangles, and beads for her in the shops around the casino. Maybe she would enjoy the spa facilities, and the beauty salon so that she would be at her best for dining, and gaming late evening.

Saturday is a good gaming day for Capricorns, and the number 7 is considered their number. Timing tends to be between December 22 and January 21, then April 20 till May 20, and August 23 till September 22nd.

Capricorns need to learn to relax, and not be so serious.

The Aquarius Gambler
An Aquarius is a spontaneous traveler, and heading towards a casino is a natural for them. Sometimes you could say they are bargain hunters wanting off-season rates so they have more funds to gamble, then if offered a group rate by bus with friends in tow you will find the Aquarius will jump to go on the trip even quicker.

He loves company, the more the merrier, in fact he may get a little too merry. But he does have fun, loves to gamble, winning or not, he is a player.

The male Aquarian loves to be with other people, not just a love interest. He likes to be the center of the party, with everyone joining in when he comes up with a crazy idea. If he gets upset, forget it, because he sulks, and makes sure you are miserable, that old saying "Misery likes company" - that's him- especially if he likes to get into the sauce such as bourbon. The more refined Aquarian man with those great blue eyes, just enjoys being around others, and has a good time gaming if he decides to take a chance.

Female Aquarian gamblers love to play all the board games, and are usually quite skilled at the games. If not, she learns quickly so hold on to your money as she normally comes up a winner, and smiles taking it away from you. The Aquarian female is usually a cool, good looking blue-eyed blonde with a great smile that is good at taking your attention off the game. Even the dark-haired females with the broad shoulders are able to have you in dreamland, as you lose your shirt.

Saturday, and the number 8, works well for Aquarians when it comes to gaming. Timing is considered best between January 20th and February 19th, then May 21st to June 21st, and September 23rd to October 21st.

Aquarians have good instincts for the game, but tend to have too much fun so that they just don't pay attention to that inner voice.


The Pisces Gambler
Here is a generous, romantic who loves to travel, gamble and enjoy life to the fullest. The Pisces is a sensitive person who should always follow his instincts when gaming. Pisces enjoy having people around because win or lose he wants to have a good time.

The Pisces can't stay at one game for long as he likes to move around so keep him busy looking for new stuff to try. Other than the Gemini this is the kid of the Zodiac so think of a child's attention span, and you know how long you have got in one spot.

The Pisces male enjoys card playing especially poker, but blackjack is a close second. He is a natural for this type of gaming. Betting is right up his alley whether it is on ball games, boxing, or the races. This guy is at a casino for a good time.

The female Pisces is at the casino because a lover, or friend wanted to go. Once there she has a good time, probably more than anyone else. Blackjack and roulette appeal to her, and watching the opposite sex to see if they are watching her. She does like to flirt, and that game is probably of more interest to her.

If there are animal acts, music shows, circus acts, and big events like wire walking the Pisces loves it. A large suite with a hot tub, good room service, and a great view makes the Pisces stay around longer.

Playing on a Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday is supposed to be lucky for a Pisces along with the number 5, and 9.Timing from February 10th to March 20th, then June 22 to July 22, and October 24th to November 21st works well.

The Pisces is another sign that should trust his instincts as to when to play.