Curiosity has no limitation, as we all want to know things in advance about many aspect of life via astrology, sports are no exception. Society in general has advanced economic prosperity at hand, young generation is finding it more lucrative and is adopting as a career. Now there is a breed of professional sportsmen.

Cricket, soccer, lawn tennis, boxing, basketball and rugby are few names which come to mind immediately. With television channels grabbing millions of dollars exclusive rights for airing the events live and multi national companies using it for advertising their product, it has become a high stake business.

Nowadays, many game gurus are in the field, persons resorting to stats figure taking past performances into account , the coaching faciliuties,ground conditions, the level of tournaments, the hype created therein and the team balance between the two. All their predictions are based upon these simple tidbits. The commentators and the expert sitting besides,are airing their views and then ridiculously chaning the tones as the game progresses. Their lanaguage and narration is full of IF and BUTs,confusing everyone,as they themselves have no clue as to why the underdogs have becomes so strong today. Bookmakers make hordes of money as general public is always favouring the bookmakers favourite.

I recall a soccer world cup match in 1992 when Germany, the mighty and one of the favorites to win the tournament, were shamelessly humbled by a smaller team, Bulgaria. Mr stoichkov and Letchkov pounced on the ball at the very right moment and in no time Bulgaria were leading 2-0. I had predicted the outcome to one of my friend, who was a notorious gambler. He made a fortune.

Astrology is a boon in this type of situation, as by use of this tool, we know on whose side God is today. This is not a small feat. No doubt, some quacks with half baked knowlewdge,are roaming in sports market with barely 50% success, but in our school of thoughts, the only percentage, one should be friendly with is 100%,because that alone can be rewarding.

Predestination in Sports?

There are plenty of matches where there seems to be little doubt as to the outcome. Matches are so skillfully handicapped by the odds makers, with standings and statistics so widely available, that there is usually a clear favorite and an underdog in any contest. Things tend to go as expected and the favorite usually wins, especially if they are playing at home. However, sometimes the unthinkable happens and an upset occurs. So is the favorite fated to win? Or can an upset be predestined?After years of prediction and observation, I would have to say that while astrology has a powerful influence on the outcome.

Gamblers, punters have grabbed this opportunity with open arms opening a Pandora box of vice
Creating a not too good situation among the poor countries where gambling is not legalized thus creating a dent on the moral values of youngsters. Even the certain events are fixed, where some rotten characters among the sporting community sell themselves.

But astrology knows in advance as to what is happening round the corner despite knowing the results of tournaments, bouts, it does pinpoint the ethical and moral values of the players involved.
RAMSYASTRO CLUB is such an institution where scholars of astrology sit down and predict the result of any sporting activity happening anywhere in the world. This service is open for curiosity seekers and not for gamblers.

The club membership is open still for genuine students of astrology and for general people too The subscription charges will be advised upon specific request. Needless to emphasize that every prediction about the result of any event will be pin pointedly correct and accurate.

There are no half measures, no excuses later. The reputation of RAMSYASTRO CLUB is of supreme importance. Fellow astrologers are welcome to contribute their knowledge should they deem fit.