The National Football League (NFL) is the largest professional American football league, consisting of thirty-two teams from American cities and regions. The league’s teams are divided into two conferences: the American Football Conference (AFC) and the National Football Conference (NFC). Each conference is then further divided into four divisions consisting of four teams each, labeled East, West, North, and South.

    During the league’s regular season, each team plays sixteen games over a seventeen-week period consisting of one bye generally from September to January. At the end of each regular season, six teams from each conference play in the NFL playoffs, a twelve-team single-elimination tournament that culminates with the NFL championship, the Super Bowl. This game is held at a pre-selected site which is usually a city that hosts an NFL team. One week later, selected all-star players from both the AFC and NFC meet in the Pro Bowl, currently held in Hawaii.

    Formed in 1920 as the American Professional Football Association (it adopted the name National Football League in 1922), the NFL is one of the major professional sports leagues of North America. It also has by far the highest per-game attendance of any domestic professional sports league in the world; its 2005 attendance of 67,593 per game was over 25,000 higher than the 2005-06 per-game attendance of the league in second place, the Bundesliga in German football (soccer).


    The NFL’s greatest spurt in popularity came in the 1960s and 1970s after the 1958 NFL Championship Game (which went into overtime); and the emergence of the rival American Football League (AFL) (1960-1969), and the NFL’s eventual merger with it in 1970. Prior to the 1960s, the most popular version of American football was played collegiate, with many players opting to play in the Canadian Football League after graduation because they were offered larger sums of money and benefits during that era.

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  • Cricket
    Cricket,  Sports Review


    Cricket,a magic word in the sphere of sports. Though it!s Origin is purele british,but it gained immense popularity in the former british colonies,i.e.India,Pakistan,Australia,Zimbabwe,Kenya , srilanka.and the carribean islands whioch are called the West indies. South Africa is the only exception to this list. there too.,the fervour is no less.Presently ICC is the govering body globally .efforts are beingmade b hisbodyand its affiliates to globalize the game.

    In Asian subcontinent is everybodys hobby either to play or watch the game on the television set. Hundreds of thousands crowd can be seen in the stand when the game is being played. It is maddening all the way. So is the craze that over enthusiasts term it As the religion of every body.


    Australia the present world champion is not lagging behind in crown pulling. Over hundred thousand attenendance can be seen in the city of Melbourne when good teams compete each other. Millions of dollars have been spent by the playing countries over uplifting of infrastructure. Every teams has it own star performers.

    Who can forget late sir Don brad man of Australia the doyen of cricket. The present names,Sachin tendulkar,Rahul Dravid,Saurav Ganguly,The Waugh brothers,Sir Garfield sobers,Brian Lara,sir Vivian richer,sir Richard handle etc etc.

    It is Also unbelievable thrust millions of dollars change hands over the betting. Sports bookkeepers spread all over the world, some of them legal and some illegal. In India. I the last world cup. every match attracted the bets to tune of 20 million dollors,so the media reported.

    Game pundits, astrologers try hard on the given day to bring out the result of the particular game of the day and tell the public in the media and bring name and fame or vice versa. Commentators over the TV channels competing each other to air their views in the brek periods and speaking when the live game is on, like the robots, trained particularly for this purpose.

    We are a group of astrologers ,who think they are the best in predicting the result of any one day match or the five day affair,i.e.test matches. This is to feed the over brimmed curiosity of the general public but we are aware that many of them use our predictions for betting purposes. We have no control over this phenomenon or we care.


    Our expertise is not confined to ricket only but our results are as good in other games also namely Soccer,Lawn tennis,Rugby,Basketball,Baseball,golf,Motor racing,Snooker etc.

    Our services are available to anyone without any bias or thing of the sort. All You have to do is to become member of our premier organization RAMSYASTRO CLUB WITH ANNUAL CONTRIBUTION AND later for the full year you can enjoy the true and accurate results of any sport, any venue and any date.

  • Cricket: The Rules

    Cricket: The Rules

    Henry VIII called it “the sport of kings,” but for many cricket is shrouded in enigma. This needn’t be the case. At heart, once removed of jargon, it remains a simple game of immense depth and beauty, combining strategy, cunning, raw hand-to-hand fist fighting to the death, teamwork and even the occasional tear of sorrow. What follows is a simplified summary of the rules, as first set down by WG Grace, Lord of Wisden, in 1851.

    cricket rules

    The Basic Set-up

    Cricket is played between two opposing teams. One team bats while the other fields. It is easy to tell which is the batting team, because they are wearing fenners — white woolly jumpers with two cyan stripes around the upper arm (the other team’s jumpers have two turquoise stripes). The batters play within the light green rectangle known as the crease, and each stands in front of the wicket — the small wooden apparatus at each end. Although anyone in the team may bat, usually two batters are chosen. The ball is thrown at the batter by the bowler. It is the bowler’s job to try and befuddle the batter so that he misses the ball or plays a bad shot.

    cricket rules

    How Are Points Scored?

    Players gain points in the following way:

    • By Runs: after hitting the ball the batter may run as many times as he likes between the two ends. Each run (there and back) equals one point on his team’s score.
    • By Fours: after hitting the ball the batter may crawl on all fours between the two ends. Each completed trip scores four points.
    • By Popping: If the ball ‘knobs’ the batter, a pop (two points) is added to the score.
    • By Googling a Six: If the ball, after being hit, rolls along the ground uninterrupted for fifty yards (a google), the team receives six points. (Named after Reg Google, Australian wicket-keeper who was so short that he was incapable of lifting the bat.)
    • By an Over: one point is scored (see below).


    Lord Larry Grayson said “cricket, like chess, is won in the field,” and it is certainly true that the strategic positioning of your men on the pitch can make the difference between check and checkmate. However, it is important to remember that fielders mostly stand around doing nothing. The sometimes obscure names for fielding positions are illustrated below.


    cricket rules

    The ball must be thrown from the Knacker’s End: the end nearest which the umpire (referee) wearing the Knacker’s Hat stands. The ball bounces and the batter must attempt to hit it. If he fails to hit the ball, the following penalties apply, in order:

    • First miss: umpire calls ‘maiden’ and the ball is passed again to the bowler.
    • Second miss: umpire calls ‘over’ and one point is given to the opposing team.
    • Third miss: umpire calls ‘bye’ and the player must leave.

    Other Ways of Being Out

    There are in total seven ways of being out, or dismissed:

    1. When the umpire calls ‘bye’ (explained above).
    2. When the ball is caught by an opposing fielder before it has touched the ground, but after it has been knocked by any part of the batter (including the bat) other than the extra legs (below the navel) or the eyes.
    3. When the player is adjudged to be wasting time (taking more than 24 hours between consecutive bowls).
    4. When the player hits the ball twice, unless doing it to protect his wicket or testicles.
    5. When the umpire calls ‘leg before wicket’. This is a complex rule, explained below.
    6. When player, bat and ball remain static, at the discretion of the umpire. This rule was introduced in 1983 after a cardboard cut-out of Ian Botham played for seventeen hours. (Does not apply in wet weather.)
    7. When the ball, after being bowled, hits the wicket and knocks it over (rare).
    cricket rules

    Leg Before Wicket

    This rule was introduced when players realised that it was more productive to kick the ball rather than play it using the bat, because no-one may be caught out thereby (rule 2 above).

    The following criteria must be satisfied for LBW to be called (see diagrammatograph):

    1. The line of the leg-stump (the path of the ball) must intersect with the player’s leg, groin or knee (a).
    2. The ball must bounce once before rising upwards, and must be heading towards the middle wicket, taking account of the direction it is spinning.
    3. The player’s groin must be facing the knacker’s edge in the case of a full toss (cock inwards, as in a).
    4. In the case of g, where the ball pitches (bounces) outside the edge of an imaginary line drawn between cock and knee (b), it must be following a path towards the opposite side (left (right) side from the batsman’s point of view).
    5. If the ball pitches inside the edge of an imaginary line drawn between top of bat and bottom of forward foot (shown back-to-front in c), player is out only if the ball goes on to hit opposite leg.
    6. Drawing e shows the reverse case. This is not-out because the forward foot remains within leg-stump and well behind pitch point.
    7. If the batsman makes an attempt to hit the ball as in d and f, and rule 6 above applies, player is out in any case.
    8. If the ball pitches twice, and the second pitch lands in the fourth dimension (f), rule 8 applies whether the batter attempts a knock-on, full-swipe or pixie-flick.

    As you can see, LBW decisions are complex and often controversial. This is why the umpires’ deliberations often last well into the night.

    Who Wins?

    The winning team is the one whose members are still conscious after five days. In the event that both teams remain conscious.

    cricket rules
  • Soccer


    Soccer is the sport of the whole mankind,it is aptly described.in this planet of earth eighty percent of the humans play this game. The number of tournaments organized in the whole year,the teams involved therein,the hundreds of clubs,which play regularly,even hiring the foreign origin players,the sports goods manufacturing companies ,the prize money involved,the amount of TV rights,and the pride attached with the sense of nationalism,well the whole scenario is mind boggling to the man on the street.

    Basically,in every sport,there has to be a ball which takes the beating though the size differs,here in soccer the ball is huge and instead only the feets of players manipulate and hit the volley,kicks,passes and the final to the goal. In this simple formuilation ,the whole story of soccer or some call it football,is woven.

    Who can forget the legendry names of game Pele, Sukur, Zidane, Ronaldo, and Lately some Korean, Nigerian and senegalease have impressed so much that it iseems the sports is getting electriefied and sense of competetiveness is Touching enormous proportions. Arabs are not lagging behind . So much is the fever and fervour among the fans towards their favourites that when a wife supported the rival team an Arab sheikh divorced her in the fan stand chantting the talaq mantra thrice.It is maddening to the common man,yet it is thrilling.


    And so much motivating,that everyone realizes that talents are rewarded in a big way . Name and fame apart,the millions and miullions of dollars,the star players earn can make a sizable industrialists balance sheet shameful.

    Astrologers,game pundits and some others sensed the chance for themselves And so hundreds foretellers,guessers,commentators voiced their so called Knowledge , it is a different story that many crystal grazers and fortunes tellers Stumbled miserably when in 1996 world cup, every one backed up Brazil,but when the game it was e who sealed the Brazilian fate by two headers within 15 minutes. Yet everyone minted money. The idle punters, sports bookmakers and so on. Top celebrities were not lagging behind . Everone of who is who was present in the stands.

    We are no exception either,rather chip of the same block,but with the difference.

    Our basis of knowledge of course is pure astrology,the very ancient Hindu system,the fundamentals rarely known to any one,backed up by fifteen years of hard labour and enormous cooperation we received fron hundreds of authors,intellectuals and the results are extremely pleasing.


    Good luck.

  •  Soccer Formation
     Soccer Formation

     Soccer Formation


    Goal scoring, first of all needs deep rooted motivation and a will to win, that is how serious attempts are made in the field,so an effective finishing brings out winners and without this matches cannot be won. So a good coach develops a strategy as to shoot and how many players should be involved to enact this precise scene. An overzealous think tank of the team may involve more than necessary players, thus putting risky position on defense. Imagine the strategy did not work out an the ball possession goes to other party and on goal side not many defenders are there-then the whole coaching strategy is doomed.


    This tactic is to be used only when a player is the fittest one in the squad and a known striker,he will realize immediately whether his body movements and skill to make angular movements are capable enough to strike to score a goal. If he realizes the chances are below 50%,then he can resort to alternative methods and must keep the ball possession,because loosing the ball at that position will be a cardinal sin. Definitely constant feedback to the players are necessary and unless an attacking coordination is restored in the field ,a good opponent will not be restricted. Hence a coach has to encourage CERTAIN BREED OF PLAYERS IN THE TEAM, WHO HE THINKS ARE CAPABLE OF SCORING SHOTS.

     Soccer Formation

    Ball possession:-

    None can score against you if you people are keep it under your possession. That is why high class teams, or the think tank behind them always depend upon this first fundamental,that ball possession is a must,because that way you will have more chances to strike goal and the opponenet just cannot harm you. So the whole coaching depends upon imparting the players of the art of being

    Â cool,composed,unnerved and unaware of pressures. These are natural traits and just cannot be injected upon a players body but specific players with these tendencies have to be marked and in selection process,due weightage should be given to this natural talent. You cannot be called a soccerman unless you are expert in making passes,which is a must and first fundamental of ball possession. Passing the ball,kicking it over a teammate,all require mental toughness. It is the primary duty of the coach to pinpoint all these things and discuss with the players during breaks or before the start of the game. These are not gimmicks but fate deciders of the game.
    Losing ®aining possession:- –

    Even due to one reason or another,ball have gone to enemy hands,it is your primary and paramount duty ro regain the possession as soon possible. Because you team is in great danger of being scored against you. It also halts enemy as attack and advancement. Your players should know better as to when and where this phenomenen is to be achieved. Some sick minded coaches, unless the situation warrants explicitely, ask their players to wait this thing to happen in their half. That can be suicidal . A split second miscalculation can create a havoc lile situation. A goal can be scored during that an cost a match. But supposing your team is already way ahead of opponent and is winning so during the closing minutes,there is no point to waste and expend your energy for keeping the ball in your possessionm. Rather smart players using the dilly-dally delaying tactics to wait for the final whistle.

    With these amall small comments in this page we can understand hoe important coaching,exporting your strategy into players mind and giving them some 10-20 free hand also can be helpful. Mind you,a coach is just a movie director who coordinates with his unit with finesse so that the right stuff is

    produced without that the financiers will be doomed.


    Normally below mentioned formations are created but the coaches. These are :-
    4-4-2 4-3-3 3-5-2 3-4-3

    None can advocate which is the best formation because it depends upon the opponent team,your own players talent bank and the coach’s mentality,so we are least expert to make comments or recommendations over this

  • Hockey


    Hockey is any of a family of sports in which two teams compete by trying to maneuver a ball, or a hard round disc called a puck, into the opponent’s net or goal, using a stick. The dominant version of hockey in a particular region tends to be known simply as hockey, other forms being more fully qualified.

    Field hockey is played with a ball on gravel, grass or sand-based or water-based artificial turfs.

    The game is popular among both genders in many countries of the world, particularly in India, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and South Asia, though in the United States and Canada it is predominately played by women. Its governing body is the International Hockey Federation (FIH).

    Modern field hockey sticks are constructed of a composite of wood, glass fibre and/or carbon fibre and have a curved hook at the playing end, a flat surface on the playing side and curved surface on the rear side.


    There are 4,000 year old drawings in Egypt of a game resembling field hockey being played. While modern field hockey appeared in the mid-18th century in England, primarily in schools, it was not until the first half of the 19th century that it became firmly established, the first club being created in 1849 at Blackheath in south-east London.

    This game is also not escaped from the world bookmakers, or punters and it has become a popular sport among them, so when heavy stakes are involved and lots of expectation of fans from there respective teams ,as a spectator you always wish that you could know in result in advnace,beacuse that makes you something different from other persons who are guessing around you that who could be winner,

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    You always will be a winner.

  • Horse Racing
    Horse Racing

    Horse Racing

    It has been suggested to me that horse racing is too trivial a subject to deserve the attention of a serious astrologer. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The vocation of the astrologer is to illuminate the path of man, wherever it may lead. Trivial? Horse racing is at once man’s favorite spectator sport and an industry of the first magnitude. Do not think for a moment that it is modern age curse or a great hobby. It has been there all the time,if not horses,maybe camels.dogs. How can we forget the chariot race in BEN-HUR in Christ era. It surely establishes the fact that horse racing has caught man’s imagination since ages. Horse is a tough and rough animal and has a knack to excel in competition.

    Competition,Human race always has liked competition,because it basic meaning is connected with growth. It creates a n environment of efficience,hardwork,endless toiling to beat the fellow workers ,just to be called winner. Man’s infatuation with competions reflects it desires to see other species to do the same. With this WHO WINS created another world.With so much sports around the corner,the clubs, casinos and so many competing platforms around us but still horse racing has never lost its slot in modern or ancient history.

    Horse Racing

    Nowadays,it is an established industry.Hundreds of thousands of dollars are spent on horse breeding,trainers,jockeys,racecourses and hundreds or perhaps thousands of bookmakers have come to surface from nowhere,making fast bucks all the time.Amazing,isn’t it?Television channels have added fuel to the fire,showing live races across the world and bookmakers giving betting odds on the internet. well! a person with a little speculative bent of mind,cannot escape from this,thus wagering even few dollors on its favourite .

    Well the first question arises is why one speculate. Definitelt to earn some unearned money. In this sphere the return or the gains are enormous. On a Derby day,ramsyastro witnessed one eminent astrologer putting just twenty dollors on six races for the jackpot. A sum of fifty thousand of bucks was the net gain even after paying the taxes. Even a single dollor can work wonders if betting and astro knowledge are mixed together judiciously.

    Ramsyastro,who himself has visited Mumbai and hongkong race courses was horror stricken to see the public craze. All who put on bets, were not winners. Their body language said something else. He decided to use his astrological tools to come to the rescue of the poor always loosers. People who came to my contact,I was able to wipe out some of their tears. HATS OFF TO ASTROLOGY. Persons who try to find out when horses were born are wasting their time — even on the rare occasions when they succeed in getting the information! I urge my readers to forget about horses’ birthdays!

    Horary astrology is a golden tool in this sort of a situation, I have always used it added plenty of my own mathematical sensitive points and it has given astounding results. Using superlatives in this case will be irritating but what one should do if his findings comes to mark time and again. Can’t that guy has some right to take pride on himself. Wish to meet that guy, well it is none other than RAMSYASTRO.

    SERVICES: give us your favourite,on which you wish to put up your bet and we shall tell you if it wins or not. you may give us three horses names and we shall let you know if the winner is one of them or not.

  • Tenis


    An individual sporting activity,in which a certain player perform in the gamewith utmost mobility, atheleticism, physical fitness besides what we call the skills and techniques of the game. Basically unlike other sports ,this is one to one game ,whoever possesses maximum above mentioned quality and on the given day perform better than the opponent,comes out winner. Here Ramsyastro  come into the picture about the given day phenomenen , but this point we will ponder at the end of article.

    There are four major tournaments and every player somehow wish to retain any of the title out of this because only then he will be put into class one category  because Grand slam title is a major achievement. Australian open, French open, Wimbledon and lastly at the end of year the US open.

    Wimbledon open is the only Grand slam where tennis is played on the grasscourt,the natural way while French play it on the clay court and other two are on the hard turf,with even bounce. Due to extreme dofferent nature of the turf,different breed of players have come to light.


    French open winners have never made beyond the quarter final at the maximum in the wimbledon and grass court specialist namely Pete Sampras retired with one ambition unfulfilled of winning the French title. While the Australian and the US turf are the same.Only out of the present lot, Andre agassiis the only player in tennis history to have won all the four grand slams and that too in one single year.

    Rod laver, Joh newcombe, Bjon borg, borris becker, Pete Sampras, Andre agassi among the men and Navaratilova, steffigraff among the women are few name which crosses the mind instantly who has enriched the game, have enthralled the packed audience in the centre courts and millions of fans watching them perform from their television sets.

    So have been the craze among the fan club that a certain fellow from the crowd stabbed seriously a women player from the USA ms. Monica seles when Steffi graff of germany was visibly losing to her. Unimaginable, but this is a fact. A lay man cannot imagine the heartboiled passions and euphoria created therein. So this game is no different than the soccer.

    But are we concerned about all this trivia. Ramsyastro is not bothered much except wishing well to its members who see this game another opportunity to make easy money. Because punting majority feel,despite the star performers in every team,thet loose constantly and puntlers,betters,believe in one to one sport,they can judge the players quality better than any other.

    So they prefer to bet on this game. We are not bothered about the ethics or anything of the sort,but are much bothered about punters,betters loosing unnecessarily and parting their hard earned money to the bookmakers. This is the reason,we are not popular with the bookmakers community and are treated as a thorn in their flesh.