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Cricket,a magic word in the sphere of sports. Though it!s Origin is purele british,but it gained immense popularity in the former british colonies,i.e.India,Pakistan,Australia,Zimbabwe,Kenya , srilanka.and the carribean islands whioch are called the West indies. South Africa is the only exception to this list. there too.,the fervour is no less.Presently ICC is the govering body globally .efforts are beingmade b hisbodyand its affiliates to globalize the game.

In Asian subcontinent is everybodys hobby either to play or watch the game on the television set. Hundreds of thousands crowd can be seen in the stand when the game is being played. It is maddening all the way. So is the craze that over enthusiasts term it As the religion of every body.


Australia the present world champion is not lagging behind in crown pulling. Over hundred thousand attenendance can be seen in the city of Melbourne when good teams compete each other. Millions of dollars have been spent by the playing countries over uplifting of infrastructure. Every teams has it own star performers.

Who can forget late sir Don brad man of Australia the doyen of cricket. The present names,Sachin tendulkar,Rahul Dravid,Saurav Ganguly,The Waugh brothers,Sir Garfield sobers,Brian Lara,sir Vivian richer,sir Richard handle etc etc.

It is Also unbelievable thrust millions of dollars change hands over the betting. Sports bookkeepers spread all over the world, some of them legal and some illegal. In India. I the last world cup. every match attracted the bets to tune of 20 million dollors,so the media reported.

Game pundits, astrologers try hard on the given day to bring out the result of the particular game of the day and tell the public in the media and bring name and fame or vice versa. Commentators over the TV channels competing each other to air their views in the brek periods and speaking when the live game is on, like the robots, trained particularly for this purpose.

We are a group of astrologers ,who think they are the best in predicting the result of any one day match or the five day affair,i.e.test matches. This is to feed the over brimmed curiosity of the general public but we are aware that many of them use our predictions for betting purposes. We have no control over this phenomenon or we care.


Our expertise is not confined to ricket only but our results are as good in other games also namely Soccer,Lawn tennis,Rugby,Basketball,Baseball,golf,Motor racing,Snooker etc.

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