• Horse Racing
    Horse Racing

    Horse Racing

    It has been suggested to me that horse racing is too trivial a subject to deserve the attention of a serious astrologer. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The vocation of the astrologer is to illuminate the path of man, wherever it may lead. Trivial? Horse racing is at once man’s favorite spectator sport and an industry of the first magnitude. Do not think for a moment that it is modern age curse or a great hobby. It has been there all the time,if not horses,maybe camels.dogs. How can we forget the chariot race in BEN-HUR in Christ era. It surely establishes the fact that horse racing has caught man’s imagination since ages. Horse is a tough and rough animal and has a knack to excel in competition.

    Competition,Human race always has liked competition,because it basic meaning is connected with growth. It creates a n environment of efficience,hardwork,endless toiling to beat the fellow workers ,just to be called winner. Man’s infatuation with competions reflects it desires to see other species to do the same. With this WHO WINS created another world.With so much sports around the corner,the clubs, casinos and so many competing platforms around us but still horse racing has never lost its slot in modern or ancient history.

    Horse Racing

    Nowadays,it is an established industry.Hundreds of thousands of dollars are spent on horse breeding,trainers,jockeys,racecourses and hundreds or perhaps thousands of bookmakers have come to surface from nowhere,making fast bucks all the time.Amazing,isn’t it?Television channels have added fuel to the fire,showing live races across the world and bookmakers giving betting odds on the internet. well! a person with a little speculative bent of mind,cannot escape from this,thus wagering even few dollors on its favourite .

    Well the first question arises is why one speculate. Definitelt to earn some unearned money. In this sphere the return or the gains are enormous. On a Derby day,ramsyastro witnessed one eminent astrologer putting just twenty dollors on six races for the jackpot. A sum of fifty thousand of bucks was the net gain even after paying the taxes. Even a single dollor can work wonders if betting and astro knowledge are mixed together judiciously.

    Ramsyastro,who himself has visited Mumbai and hongkong race courses was horror stricken to see the public craze. All who put on bets, were not winners. Their body language said something else. He decided to use his astrological tools to come to the rescue of the poor always loosers. People who came to my contact,I was able to wipe out some of their tears. HATS OFF TO ASTROLOGY. Persons who try to find out when horses were born are wasting their time — even on the rare occasions when they succeed in getting the information! I urge my readers to forget about horses’ birthdays!

    Horary astrology is a golden tool in this sort of a situation, I have always used it added plenty of my own mathematical sensitive points and it has given astounding results. Using superlatives in this case will be irritating but what one should do if his findings comes to mark time and again. Can’t that guy has some right to take pride on himself. Wish to meet that guy, well it is none other than RAMSYASTRO.

    SERVICES: give us your favourite,on which you wish to put up your bet and we shall tell you if it wins or not. you may give us three horses names and we shall let you know if the winner is one of them or not.